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Instead of trick-or-treating with her son, a Winnipeg woman was beat down by a police officer.

winnepeg cops beat woman

Winnipeg, CA -- Halloween night turned into a real nightmare for a Winnipeg woman after police showed up and beat her in her own home in front of her 8-year-old son.

Lara Sinclair has filed a formal complaint with the Law Enforcement Review Agency, stating that a Winnipeg police officer assaulted her on Halloween night.

Sinclair says that a misunderstanding over an incident led to a police officer severely overreacting.

Officers showed up at Sinclair's home on Halloween after someone called to report yelling, but Sinclair says she was only trying to hurry her son to go trick-or-treating, according to CBC News.

"He came up to me and poked me," Sinclair said. "I was sitting on a chair in the kitchen and I jumped up and said you don't need to touch me."

Sinclair says the officer then pulled out his baton.

"He hit me here," Sinclair said, referring to her forearms, which she said she held up to defend herself. "And he hit me here and then I fell on the floor," she said, pointing to her knees.

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"He had my arm behind me and he smashed my face right here," Sinclair said, pointing to the sewing table she keeps in her living room for her work as a designer who makes clothes, jewelry and art pieces.

Sinclair says that is when she was handcuffed and stood up. At that point, her feet were kicked out from under her and she fell to the ground landing on her face.

"We [my son and I] were both traumatized," she said. "I just hug him and kiss him and tell him it's okay."

"All I was thinking of was his safety, and how he was going to be traumatized and how he is going to see the police now," she said.

Eventually an ambulance was called and Sinclair was taken to Victoria hospital to be treated for her injuries. She was then taken to the police station where Sinclair says the sergeant on duty was furious at his officers after she told him what happened.

According to CBC, Sinclair is facing charges related to assaulting and resisting a peace officer. 'Peace officer'

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