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84 year old Kang Wong decided to begin a life of crime Sunday afternoon when he crossed the street in an area not allowed by the city.

He was subsequently seen by the brave NYPD who, in their efforts to 'protect and serve' New Yorkers, kept them all safe by beating Mr. Wong so bad that he had to be hospitalized.

Clearly 84 year old Mr. Wong was a violent threat and the cops were forced to beat him up because they wanted to make sure that they "made it home to their families" that night.

Obviously there is a tinge of sarcasm in the previous paragraphs and that was used to shed light on the utter stupidity of tax-payer money being used to shakedown and beat up innocent people.

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According to witnesses Mr. Wong, didn't seem to understand what the police were saying and simply tried to walk away, and so they did what they are trained to do, escalate the situation to violence.