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Fairfield, CA -- The Guzman family found out the hard way about how futile their call was to 9-1-1 about their recently kidnapped son.

Monday morning, the family was loading up their car for a trip to Napa. A sleeping 8-year-old Broc Guzman was put in the back seat of the car while they continued to grab things from the inside. When the family came back outside with the rest of their things, the car, and Broc were gone.

Hysterical after realizing what happened, Suzanne and Paul Guzman called 9-1-1 to report their missing son and car.

But when the police showed up, according to the Guzman's, they were treated like the criminals.

“As soon as they got here we felt like we were being treated like we had done something to our son,” said Paul.

Police demanded to be let into the house immediately, but Suzanne asked if they could wait on her husband to secure their two dogs. Apparently Suzanne Guzman knows what happens when cops go inside a house with dogs.

Suzanne and Paul knew what happened to their son, and going inside their house, was not going to aid in his recovery. But that did not stop the Fairfield police from throwing the hysterical mother down to the ground and cuffing her.

“The cop grabbed her and and they dragged her down here to around the corner, where they slammed her to the ground and handcuffed her,” Paul Guzman describes.

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All they wanted to do was to secure the dogs first.

“We have two dogs, and one of them would bite somebody that they didn’t know coming into the house,” he said.

According to CBS Sacramento, Fairfield Police released a statement defending their actions, saying Broc’s mother was stopping them from searching the home.

Apparently slamming a hysterical and terrified mother to the ground who is trying to secure their pets prior to police killing them, is standard procedure.

Fortunately for the Guzman family, they did not put all their eggs in one basket. After dialing 9-1-1, the father also reached out to friends and family. An outpouring of support came in from social media and the description of the vehicle and Broc began making rounds.

The police department's attempt to find a missing boy included assaulting and handcuffing his mother; obviously this proved highly ineffective.

However, after someone saw the post on social media, they eventually found the car abandoned on the side of the road with Broc still asleep in the back seat.

“It wasn’t the Fairfield PD that we give credit to for finding him; it was my buddy putting it on social media,” said Paul.