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Seattle, WA -- Law Enforcement officials in Washington State were caught giving multiple police officers "above the law" privilege as they sped down Highway 2 on Wednesday.

An audio tape and video were published online of a conversation between a Washington State Patrol aircraft and a patrol car on the ground.

The aircraft kept identifying speeders while the ground unit would let them all go by since they were LEOs.

The cars were both marked and unmarked. There was also a dangerously driving motorcycle in the mix as well, weaving in and out of cars, who was actually stopped and then let go after realizing he was an LEO.

“Did I miss a memo today (about speeding),” one of the troopers jokes.

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It seemed as though the only cars speeding that day were cops, and none of them were held to the same standards that you and I would have been.

Apparently all of these "law breaking" cops were on their way to a non-emergency Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) conference; ironically to be able to see if you are on drugs after they pull you over for the same "crimes" they were committing.

Many of the officers were caught doing more than 20 mph over the speed limit, an offense that in some states, could land you in jail.

This is a kick in the head to anyone who has ever gotten a speeding ticket. In police state USA the common man is held to the fire and used a revenue generating farm, while those who collect the revenue rub it in our faces.

The Free Thought Project would like to commend Bill Gillam, the man who made the following video and the audio recording from his police scanner.