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"He was in cuffs on the ground after that 1 cop kneed him in the face 8 times!"

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Cassandra Rules

August 7, 2014

In a horrifying 2 minute long video shared to Facebook on August 5, a mob of Antioch Police are seen violently attacking a handcuffed homeless man on the corner of L St. & Buchanan. The man was tased, hit with batons, bit in the face by a K9- twice, and rendered unconscious, according to witnesses.

According to one witness, Joseph Jones:

When all this happened the guy was already handcuffed on the ground and even after being handcuffed they still beat him, tazed him and let the k9 bite him in the face twice. They literally beat the guy unconscious and then threatened my 7 month pregnant girlfriend.

No telling if this dude is even still alive after seeing his condition when he was taken away on the stretcher.

Another witness, Darlene Thompson, who works across the street says:

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He was in cuffs on the ground after that 1 cop kneed him in the face 8 times! This is prior to half the force joining in on the beat down. I work across the street and saw the whole thing. Good job APD you need half the force to contain 1 man! Ridiculous

This man was cuffed and on the ground contained by 1 officer before 5 cop cars flew up and multiple officers began beating him with clubs and then released the dog. Completely unnecessary!

Another witness, Betty Alvarez, describes the aftermath:

We drove by after it happened the man was so bloody his face was covered by blood, they beat him up so bad that the ambulance took him. I thought he was jumped by some thug or something, but WOW! The police did it!! This is B.S, I hope he presses charges and to you that filmed this, hope this video helps him out!!! What a shame

At the end of the video we hear an officer saying he wants the cell phones of the people filming. Thankfully the woman who filmed the incident knew her rights and got this video up for the world to see.

Just last week a man was shot by this same department and left bleeding in a driveway for 45 minutes before receiving medical attention, according to a witness.

Seems like Antioch needs more cop watchers demanding accountability.

More information on your rights when filming police.

Original Facebook post below:

Post by Amber Rose Olmos.