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Arlington, TX - In a show of blatant disregard for the law, two officers with the Arlington Police Department arrested cop watcher, Jacob Cordova, for open carrying a civil war era black powder pistol while filming a routine traffic stop. Which, according to Texas law, is completely legal.

As seen in the video below, Cordova is clearly being arrested for open carrying the legal firearm. The officer states, "You are not allowed to have a firearm out here," to which Cordova replies, "It's a pre-1899 black powder pistol. Read the penal code." Cordova then asks to see the officer's supervisor; a request that the peace officers completely ignore.

Cordova is then arrested.

When taken to jail, Cordova learns that the charges were changed from what he was initially told, and that he was being held with the charge of "disrupting police business."

In a statement given to The Free Thought Project, Cordova says, "It's a pending investigation and they ended up changing charges from a fire arm charge to a 'disrupting police business' charge that is a class B misdemeanor. We have great evidence and I will fight it till the end."

This behavior from the Arlington PD is not something new. There have been numerous recent cases where members of Texas Cop Block, North Texas Cop Block and Tarrant County Peaceful Streets have been harassed and/or arrested for filming traffic stops.

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In one case we reported, Arlington PD arrested multiple people for peacefully filming police. You may also recall an incident that was caught on camera showing an Arlington police officer telling an activist that America is no longer a free country.

One of the popular sayings we hear police say is, "If you aren't breaking the law, you have nothing to fear." Well, we can plainly see that this is not the case in this arrest caught on video.

Cordova was acting within the law, and was arrested regardless of that fact.

What happens when police officers break the law? The truth is that it is extraordinarily rare for cops to be fired, charged or even disciplined for their unlawful actions. In many cases, even when police officers are reprimanded for crimes committed while on duty, they will later be exonerated of any wrongdoing, and will be reinstated with back pay, or be granted early retirement.

To say this video is troubling is an understatement. If a police officer is allowed to pull the strings of the law with an unlawful order or an intimidating edict, our country is beyond the point of being in trouble. When a police officer violates the rights of a citizen, it destroys the very fabric of society and disrupts the foundation of the rule of law.