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New York, NY -- Shawn Thomas films the police. He does so because it's his right and he's also great at fending off and exposing their rampant corruption.

Many of those who choose to film the police are polite and cordial, even when they are disrespected. However, Thomas is not afraid to answer back to police who attempt to violate his rights, and he does so with an eloquent knack for profanity.

You may remember Thomas from this brief 7-second viral video of a police officer attempting to violate his rights. The video shows officers attempting to question Thomas for no apparent reason other than harassment, so he lets them have it.

If you visit Thomas' YouTube Channel, you will see that he is no stranger to these interactions. On Friday, Thomas uploaded a new video of an interaction showing an NYPD officer who assaulted him for drinking an Arizona Iced Tea.

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The cop in the following video went so far as to physically grab Thomas and rip the can of tea from his hand. Thomas explains:

A huge problem with the police is when they decide that revenue generation is their job, as opposed to applying, and enforcing actual law.

When they do this, they willfully violate their oath to the constitutions, becoming tyrants in the process.

In this case the cop decided that I had no right to be safe and secure in my person and property, that my rights (the ones that he swore an oath to defend) were subject to his will to establish a commercial contract.

His use of force against me was nothing short of an unjustified assault to gain compliance in a situation where he had no lawful authority to demand such compliance.

If you have an opinion about this officer, P.O. Thomas Moran, Shield No. #14542, from NYPD Transit District 32, I would encourage you to share that with his Commanding Officer: Captain Constantin G. Tsachas can be contacted at (718)-221-6600

Instead of cowering to his assault, Thomas stood his ground and let the officer know that his actions were not just. Had Thomas physically tried to fend off this officer's attack, he could have been tasered or even killed, and the community wouldn't have batted an eye. "Black man attacks cop in the subway. He went for the officer's gun. Justified."

Once the officer realized that he was being video recorded, his entire demeanor shifted to Mr. nice guy. Well, it was too late for "sir" after physically assaulting someone for drinking an iced tea in the subway, and Thomas let him know it.

Many people who watch this video will say that Thomas should have simply complied and been polite. But he had broken no laws, he had harmed no one, and this officer assaulted him. Experiencing these violations of one's rights is infuriating. It is time people start looking at these situations through the eyes of the oppressed so we can finally make some headway.