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A report has just been released that completely and utterly dismantles the “war on cops” narrative being pushed by police apologists and certain media outlets.

The FBI’s own data show that assaults on police officers were down sharply in 2014, continuing a steady decline since 2008. Assaults on cops were at their lowest point since 1996.

Combine this with the fact that felonious killings of police have been declining for three decades, and 2015 is on track to be the second lowest on record. There is nowhere in the logical universe one can go to push the false “war on cops” narrative.

Perhaps this is why FBI director James Comey desperately suggested that a purported rise in crime is due to the increasing tendency for people to film and criticize police. Somehow, there must be a way to say that scrutiny of cops is bad. He had, by his own admission, no data to back up that assertion. Now it turns out that his own agency’s data is showing that the job of a police officer is getting safer, not more dangerous.

As Radley Balko of the Washington Post points out, this report shows that increased criticism is not, in fact, leading to increased violence against police.

While rational people would celebrate these numbers, certain police advocates and infotainment outlets such as Fox News ignore facts and push false narratives, only making things worse for everyone.

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Mr. Balko explains how these irresponsible mouthpieces seek to accomplish their goal.

“But note too how conveniently the “war on cops” and “Ferguson Effect” narratives bookend the debate. If killings of and assaults on police officers go up, they can claim that criticism of police has inspired a war on cops. If killings of and assaults on police officers go down, they’ll claim that criticism of police is making cops reluctant to do their jobs. Either way, the police come out the victims, and those who want to hold bad cops accountable are to blame.”

The bottom line is, people are not killing cops as much, and people are not even trying to hurt cops as much.

The Free Thought Project has documented many examples of cops issuing scary, factually devoid proclamations.

Sheriff Michael Lewis of Maryland’s Wicomico County told Fox News “It’s a scary, scary time for law enforcement in this country.” Sheriff David Clarke makes regular appearances on Fox with theatrical presentations of the “war on cops” falsity.

The “war on cops” myth is being taught at police academies, according to a whistleblower going under the pseudonym Clayton Jenkins.

We can only hope that reality sinks in even to the most willfully ignorant, as the spreading of lies only fosters division and resentment.