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We've seen some horrifying headlines recently, such as "Police Barge Into Kindergarten Classroom And Taser Multiple Children 'For The Heck Of It'" Or "Colorado Governor Set To Release Those Convicted On Marijuana Related Charges, Expunge Records."

These stories quickly became viral and spread like wildfire, as stories with this type of news, should spread. Another recent headline that quickly skyrocketed to the top of the viral charts was, "NYPD Officer Kills Baby Following Breastfeeding Argument."

The NYPD baby killing story was horrific, it quickly shared over a million times from the original source and was written up by alternative media sites and distributed to millions of people.

This would have been great information dissemination, had that story or any stories from this self proclaimed 'satire site' known as, actually been true.

Satire, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, is the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

Simply making up believable stories and passing them off as the truth, is NOT satire; it is lying.


This type of lying, otherwise known as disinformation, can and has inflicted devastating blows to the credibility of those who seek and spread truth. Over the last 5 days, tens of millions of good, honest people, who only wanted to shed light on government and police corruption, have unwittingly been crying wolf by spreading lies.

Now, when those same well-meaning infowarriors try to share another story, a true story, about a horrible state sanctioned atrocity, their peers may not be so inclined to listen.

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It is completely understandable that in today's day and age, it would not be that far fetched to hear a true story of a cop killing a baby; just last May a SWAT team threw a flashbang grenade into a toddler's crib! These atrocities happen! However, we must not be so quick to spread a story based on the headline alone.

Skepticism and fact checking go a long way, but even then, disinformation can leak out and cause conflict.

In today's digital world we find ourselves in the midst of an information war. Hilary Clinton actually admitted to this fact on national TV in 2011, when she said that "We are in an information war, and we are losing that war."

The state losing the 'information war' is a good thing. Despite their barrage of propaganda, people are becoming less likely to believe anything the establishment says, and this is healthy!

The establishment's Praetorian guard, also known as mainstream media, is constantly bombarding us with Pro-War and Pro-Police State messages. Picking through those lies and bits of disinformation is hard enough, so when sites like intentionally set out to dupe folks into spreading lies as truth, we must be even more vigilant. is not a news source. At best, they are a failed attempt at satire who intentionally deceive people into spreading their lies for profit.

The good thing is that we can all learn a lesson from this massive deception. The next time you click on that SHARE button, make sure that news is from a trust worthy source and that they have corroborated their information with another source.

When the Free Thought Project covers a story we always provide links back to the original source. If we break a story, we have the video, images, or documents to back it up. These are the standards that people should demand from their news sources. These standards must be demanded, or all of this momentum that the peaceful, truth seeking, corruption exposing, cop blocking, movement has gained, will come to a grinding halt and an unimaginable swarm of state lies and propaganda will quickly fill the void.