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"They need to go back and read the Constitution" -SSGT Guthrie

June 26, 2014

Jeff Gray with PINAC got reports that people who were trying to film near this Southern Georgia Air Force Base were being harassed by the local fuzz.

Gray went to the area in question and conducted a 1st Amendment test.

The response from the first set of officers is the typical harassment most folks receive when filming around places like military bases.

These police try to detain Gray, but realize they have no legal grounds to do so, so the interaction quickly subsides.

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The next interaction that Gray has with police is anything but typical.

Meet SSGT Guthrie of the Lowndes County Sheriff's Office in Valdosta, Georgia.

In a shocking display of Constitutional knowledge, Guthrie actually acknowledges that Gray is not doing anything illegal.

Not only does he acknowledge the legality of the filming, but he is also completely resolute in the refusal of Gray to answer questions, and does not react with anger.

Hats off to you SSGT Guthrie. Next step...Come out against unconstitutionality of the war on drugs!