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Orange, TX -- An infuriating police interaction was captured on an officer's body cam this week after a man simply questioned why the officer was on his property.

The exchange began as officer Dylan Mulhollan had pulled over a cyclist for a missing reflector who then pulled onto the lawn of Ronald Warnell.

Warnell had come out of his house to see why a police officer was in his yard and he was immediately treated with disrespect, as if Mulhollan was in a warzone or dealing with an armed perp.

"Sir, can you back up please?" exclaimed Mulhollan.

"Hold on, man; you are on my property now," asserted Warnell.

"No, no. It's my property right now," says Mulhollan.

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"It's not your property; you need to get your laws straight, brother," says Warnell in an attempt to make sure this officer can't go around claiming the right to other people's property.

At this point, Mulhollan becomes seemingly frustrated that Warnell is asserting his rights as a property owner and refusing to cower to his authority.

The two exchange a few more words before Mulhollan attempts to deprive Warnell of his freedom for, ironically, practicing his freedom.

"All of a sudden, he just bum-rushed and knocked me down, and almost hit my head, and started wailing on me," Warnell said.

According to WFAA,

In a letter obtained by News, 8 Mulhollan's supervisor, Capt. C.A. Stephenson, said the officer was out of line and should have calmly dealt with Warnell.

"An officer should be expected to communicate with citizens without seeing every citizen being as a criminal or a threat," Stephenson wrote.

Unfortunately, however, police usually do treat civilians as a threat the majority of the time. Their training actually dictates it. 

Another particularly disturbing facet to this interaction was that Mulhollan was so out of control, he did not care that this incident was being recorded. He also knows, just like everyone else, that he will most likely not be fired for his actions.