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Albuquerque, NM -- Dale Lusian was no saint, he was allegedly caught breaking into vehicles and stealing parts in an auto junkyard. When the police K-9 found him hiding in a car, Lusian shot the dog three times.

Whether or not Lusian is a good person is irrelevant in this incident as it's what police did to his dead body that is making waves in the Albuquerque Police Department and the New Mexico State Police.

After the death of Lusian, police were mum on the details of what happened on March 21, 2014. Local News team, KRQE sued the department for the information related to the case. The details and subsequent video released through he suit was particularly disturbing.

According to KRQE,

Public records obtained by KRQE News 13 reveal APD and State Police used hours of force on the unresponsive man. More than a year after the incident, APD says the case is still open and has refused to release the investigation or do an interview about the case.

For hours, police recognized that Lusian was completely unresponsive and kept the barrage of flash bangs, tear gas, and rubber bullets. "He's got a thousand-yard stare," one officer said as they moved in.

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Upon approaching the body of Lusian, an officer shot him in the face with the beanbag gun, three times at point blank range. Had the man been alive, this probably would have killed him.

State Police Sgt. Richard Mathews then walked up to Lusian, and someone says, "Did you flick his eyeballs?" as if eyeball flicking is a means of determining life.

Mathews responds by saying, "I'll flick his eyeballs."

He then bends down and begins flicking the open eyeballs of a clearly deceased man. But that wasn't enough. Mathews then proceeded to stomp on the dead man's groin.

According to KRQE,

KRQE News 13 sent the lapel video showing Mathews’ actions to State Police Chief Pete Kassetas, who hadn’t seen the video before.

“I can understand the tactical officers wanting to ensure that the threat was mitigated…and I think they did do that with some of the techniques they used,” he said in an interview. As for his State Police officer’s groin strike on the deceased suspect, Kassetas said, “As it stands now, as I view that video, I don’t like what I see.”