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Sacramento, CA — Body camera footage has now been released by the Sacramento police department showing the moments leading up to the moment police decided to invade Zityrua Abraham's apartment. The police threw the pregnant woman to the ground in the process of kicking down the door of the home they believed the suspect they were pursuing had just entered.

As TFTP previously reported she and her family were outside their apartment, and Abraham noticed the police, but all of a sudden they came rushing in. She said the person they were really looking for was in an adjacent building. Nevertheless, she attempted to tell the police that she had an 18-month old child sleeping in the bedroom. However, according to Abraham, they didn’t care.

After one of the officers threw her to the ground, throwing her on her stomach, she began having contractions. “The doctor said the way that I landed, my body twisted the wrong way ’cause my left side hurts, and I landed all right here on my right side,” she said at the time of the incident.

Once officers gained entry into they home, by kicking down the door, they apprehended her mother's boyfriend. Police officers told her that her mother’s boyfriend looked like a car thief suspect they were pursuing. Her mother’s boyfriend had entered their apartment to get a glass of water just before police stormed in after him.

Abraham went immediately to local News Channel Fox 40 to decry the treatment she received by those sworn to protect and serve her best interests. According to the news reports, police blamed Abraham for getting in the way. Sgt. Bryce Heinlein reflected on the events of the day telling reporters:

At that point one of the officers grabbed the female by the arm. During that time she fell to the ground.

Abraham scoffs at the notion she somehow fell down on her own accord. She responded:

I have a baby in my stomach, I'm not fixing to just fall or exaggeratedly fall. I'm not fixing to do anything to harm my son.

When asked if the actions of the officer who allegedly threw her to the ground were appropriate Heinlein said:

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So not going to go into what I think. That's part of the ongoing administrative investigation that's going on."

To this day, Abraham maintains her innocence and says the whole home invasion/arrest of her mother's boyfriend caught her off-guard. She rejects any notion that she and her family are somehow, someway, to blame for what happened when police mistook her mom's boyfriend for their suspect. She said:

I wasn't in the way. I was telling them this is my home, trying to figure out what's going on. I got a 1-year-old that lives here. We wasn't doing nothing but minding our business that day.

Making matters worse for Abraham, when police entered her apartment they kicked down the door and did not fix it. Luckily, however, neighbors were more helpful than police and actually nailed the frame back together while she was in the hospital.

"I knew they were going to try to justify this whole thing. Right is right and wrong is wrong and. That was wrong what they did, all the way around," said Abraham.

As you watch the video below, remember, none of the people involved in this raid had committed a crime and no one was arrested — yet all their lives were put in danger thanks to the blatant incompetence of the police.