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Newaygo County, MI -- The Free Thought Project has obtained video that shows a Newaygo County Sheriff's deputy admitting that their department breaks federal and state laws.

The video is of a Newaygo County Board of Commissioners meeting that we're told occurred in January. The videos of the commissioners' meetings are public domain. However, this video, in particular, seems to be missing from the board's website.

In the video, the Newaygo deputy knowingly admits to breaking federal and state laws that prohibit quota policies in police departments. Not only does he admit to breaking the law, but after he does so, the entire board of commissioners votes to enact his measure of breaking the law.

According to the Michigan Vehicle Code, it is against the law to enact a quota system. Michigan Vehicle Code, MCL 257.750 lays out the legality of ticket quotas quite clearly:

(1) A police officer shall not be required to issue a predetermined or specified number of citations for violations of this act or of local ordinances substantially corresponding to provisions of this act, including parking or standing violations. A police officer's performance evaluation system shall not require a predetermined or specified number of citations to be issued.

But the law does not appear to be an issue to the Newaygo County Sheriff's office nor its board of commissioners.

The deputy starts out his proposed measure by stating that he knows he breaks the law, but he doesn't care.

"I'm a numbers guy so I know you're not allowed to do it by federal law and by state law. But I do put stipulations on the numbers I want to see by the end of their shift," says the deputy.

If the officers don't collect a certain amount of revenue for the state, they are then punished by not being able to work overtime, a de facto violation of the above code.

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The deputy then admits to punishing officers who don't meet the quotas. "The guys that can't perform those numbers have been removed from all overtime for that particular grant, for the remainder of the year," he said.

After the bureaucrats crack jokes about their revenue generation scheme, they go on to approve the proposed measure.

Mandating that officers issue citations and make arrests is nothing close to “protecting and serving.” In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Requiring a minimum number of citations forces conflict and potentially hostile interactions.

It truly forces police officers to create criminals out of otherwise innocent people in order to generate revenue, or they face losing their jobs.

Despite police departments across the country denying the existence of quota systems, the Free Though Project continues to expose them. 

This video should serve as a wake-up call for people unaware of government corruption. If police and bureaucrats can callously disregard the law in a public setting and on video, imagine what goes on behind closed doors. Share this article with your friends and family to show them the true nature of a corrupt state.

Also, feel free to contact the Newaygo County Government to let them know that you've discovered their illegal activities.