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Brasher, NY -- On the night of December 4, Carol LaDue and her husband Richard were travelling along County Route 37 near Massena, when they saw an injured woman lying in the road.

The woman was 33-year-old Ashley McDonald, who'd just been hit by a car and was dying.

As the couple got out of their vehicle to render aid to McDonald, they were savagely attacked by McDonald's husband, Bryan, a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

Out of nowhere, the off-duty public servant rushes in on the Good Samaritans and begins brutally beating this elderly couple. The LaDues were nearly killed by this out of control maniac.

"I think he would have beat her to death, I really do, because there was no stopping the man. He was just out of control and very, very aggressive," said Richard.

Richard suffered a broken nose and multiple lacerations, while his wife suffered a concussion, sprained hand, bruises and a massive head wound.

For the first time since this attack, the couple, who are in their 60's, are speaking out in an interview with WNYF.

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"He was really out of control. The next thing you know, I put my hands up, he popped me in the head and knocked me unconscious," said Carol.

"His wife was laying in the road, and all we were doing was trying to help the guy and to have that kind of reaction, like he didn't want anyone near the body," said Richard.

The couple and authorities are now left with more questions than answers.

That night, Bryan McDonald was arrested and charged with two counts of felony assault. He was almost immediately released under probation supervision and faced no other charges, in spite of the fact that authorities still have no idea why his wife was lying in the road that night.

Investigators only know that Ashley McDonald was lying in the road when she was struck and killed by a vehicle operated by 32-year-old Megan Phelix. Why she was in the road, remains a mystery.

"My big question is why was she in the road? Did she fall there? Did she walk out there and fall down? Did he hit her? Who knows? We don't really know," said Carol.

According to the LaDues, McDonald was not grieving or showing any signs of sadness or worry when they arrived. He was merely standing there silently before attacking them.

"I'm not sure it was all grief because it was just very unnatural because normally you would be over the body and crying or screaming or something and he was quiet when I got there, and he became angry as soon as I took a couple of steps forward and that's when he came at me," said Carol.

One can only imagine how Ashley McDonald ended up in the road that fateful night. However, one thing is clear, Bryan McDonald is more than willing to attack and savagely beat innocent and vulnerable individuals, who mean only to do good. And, this threat to society is out on the loose.