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Waller County, TX -- On Tuesday, the Texas Department of Public Safety released the dashcam footage of Sandra Bland's arrest. However, there were clear inconsistencies within the video, leading many to believe it was doctored.

The Texas Department of Public Safety said that the 52-minute dashcam video was not edited, but was due to an encoding error. However, it is unlikely that the 15-second repeated clip of a man leaving the truck is an encoding error.

Most dashcam footage that is released to the public also has a time stamp overlay, but this video does not.

After public outrage over the possibility of the dashcam footage being edited, the Texas Department of Public Safety released a second video, which clearly confirms these inconsistencies.

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The second video they released today is 49:11 in length which is 3:01 shorter than the former footage, which was 52:12 in length.

The Los Angeles Times has released a video showing a side by side comparison of both videos. Skip to 23:20 to view the first set of anomalies, and then again to 30:43 to view the second set.

You will notice at the video on the right, the new video, ends 3 minutes prior to the first.