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Chicago, IL -- In the wake of the recent dashcam footage showing Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke kill Laquan McDonald, the Chicago police department has quietly been hiding another dashcam as well.

On October 12, 2014, Ronald Johnson, 25, was involved in a highly disputed interaction with Chicago police. At the end of this interaction, Ronald 'Ronnieman' Johnson would be dead at the hands of Chicago's finest.

According to Dorothy Holmes, Johnson's mother, the officer who fired the fatal rounds into her son was officer George Hernandez. This information was kept secret by the Chicago police until now, as officials have announced that no charges will be filed against this killer cop.

Holmes has refused to be bullied by the Chicago police since this horrific incident wrecked her world last year. Despite not getting the media spotlight as in the case of McDonald, Homes continued to fight for justice.

Because of her relentless drive to bring Hernandez to justice, the Chicago police have finally released the dashcam of that fateful night.

Holmes told the Free Thought Project that police were originally looking for a suspect in several shootings. However, according to Holmes, Johnson was not even in the area of the shootings and her son's only 'crime' was running away.

As police were interviewing the driver of a car in which Johnson was in the back seat, he got out and ran - this decision was answered with a death sentence.

When police called Holmes to tell her they had killed her son, they released the official lie that stated Johnson pointed a gun at officers and they were forced to return fire. Holmes never believed this lie and had her own medical examination conducted which showed that her son was, indeed, shot in the back.

In the Dashcam video released on Monday, Holmes and the medical examiner are clearly proven to be correct.

What the video shows is Ronald Johnson rounding a corner with officers in pursuit. As Johnson begins to cross the street, he is gunned down in the back by officer Hernandez.

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Police remain steadfast in their claims that Johnson had a gun, and they have released pictures of said gun. However, according to Dorothy Holmes, Ronnieman's prints were never found on that gun.

On Monday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Lynn McCarthy, used a PowerPoint presentation in an hour-long presentation to the media to attempt to justify the killing of Johnson. Despite her long-winded apologies, there is still zero evidence that Johnson was in possession of a gun.

Michael Oppenheimer, an attorney for Holmes explained how the police have railroaded this family. “This could have been a lot easier if they released it 14 months ago. All of the lies, coverup, that’s still going on," he said.

Dorothy Holmes lost a child to the ones who claim to protect and serve the city of Chicago, and the killer's fellow brothers in blue are doing nothing to bring him to justice.

For over a year, Holmes has been trying to get the truth out about her son, and that day has finally come.

The Free Thought Project spoke to Dorothy after the video broke and she let us know that she plans to launch a federal case against Hernandez too. This woman's resilience is inspiring to say the least.

"Trust and believe this is not over," Holmes said, making reference to the potential DOJ investigation that lies ahead, "It's far from over."

Below is a video Dorothy made in June of this year. Watch the video and listen to everything that she says, all of which is now being proven as true.

Please show your support for Dorothy Holmes by following her pursuit of justice on the Justice for Ronnieman Facebook page.