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Indianapolis, IN -- On Wednesday, the Indiana State Police announced that they have raided 146 marijuana grow plots throughout the southern region of the state.

In an unprecedented show of force, officers from the Indiana State Police, the Indiana National Guard Counter Drug Task Force, Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Forest Service, Civil Air Patrol, Indiana Department of Natural Resources and local agencies, authorities seized thousands of marijuana plants.

pot field

Law enforcement surveyed Southern Indiana land by air to find plots of marijuana. (Photo: Provided by ISP)

In total, some 4,900 'dangerous' plants were plucked from the ground, as well as 4 pounds of processed pot, six weapons, and $3,000 in cash were seized. The Aug. 17-28 operation resulted in 16 arrests.

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Police 'protecting' people from this plant is nothing new. However, training and using the US military to arrest pot growers is certainly worrisome.

In June, the Free Thought Project broke the story of the National Guard teaming up with police departments across the country, to train for drug raids, and other prohibition-related policing.

It seems that their new training is now being implemented despite marijuana legalization taking off across the country. Massive amounts of resources are being expended to fight the immoral drug war.

Imagine if these taxpayer dollars were used in programs to combat poverty, homelessness, or even drug addiction. Instead of helping people, however, federal and state governments throw away billions of dollars in a futile effort to prevent people from ingesting a plant! Nice work America.

When will Americans wake up to the horrid reality that is the war on drugs?