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May 6, 2014

In a supreme display of police incompetence, Kalamazoo SWAT raided a family home looking for a substance that the state deems illegal.

However, the person they were looking for hadn't lived at that address for over a year, so obviously they did not find their illegal substance.

Instead it was the Handley's, a family of four, with two young children. Children, who were traumatized by the men dressed in black, carrying assault rifles, busting into their home in the middle of the night and throwing their parents on the floor.

KALAMAZOO, Mich. - "I thought it was somebody either trying to rob us, or hurt us," said Jeremy Handley.

Handley tells us after the KDPS SWAT team busted through his back door, he and his wife Becky were handcuffed and searched.

"He had me sprawl out right here on the floor, and then he had me put my hands behind my back," said Handley.

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And Handley's two children, ran and hid in a bedroom closet.

"We were staying quiet, because we thought they were bad guys coming in," said 7-year-old Brenden Handley.

And your kids could see you the whole time? "My kids were sitting on that bed after they got them out of the closet," said Becky Handley.

Oh Sorry we smashed in your door in the middle of the night, handcuffed your parents, wrecked you house, and probably gave you nightmares for the rest of your life, here is a stuffed animal.

Just who do police think they are? Last week we brought you the case of the cops who beat up a man with down syndrome for no reason and tried to console the family by offering them a turkey!

If anyone else ransacked another person's home they would be held liable or even killed. Just because this incompetence originates from the state, does not condone it.

Source for this article is WWMT News Michigan.