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Wildwood, GA — Talking back to a cop, raising your voice to a cop, even swearing in the face of a cop are all poor decisions—but all 100% legal. However, the fact that you aren't breaking the law is no guarantee that a police officer will not react to your speech and take you out. Kiersten Elise Quick learned this the hard way after her daughter was arrested for a suspended license last year.

On Nov. 23, Jessica Gaha, 31, lost control of her Honda Civic and crashed it into a tree. When Deputy Denny Reyes and Georgia State Patrol Trooper Joseph Geddie responded to the crash, they realized Gaha was driving under a suspended license so they arrested her.

As the Times Free Press reports:

Gaha's mother, Kiersten Elise Quick, then arrived at the scene. She yelled and cursed, and Geddie told her to step away. She walked back a few feet, but Geddie wanted her farther from the crash scene. The two argued, and Geddie grabbed her wrist and pulled her into a ditch. She said he slammed her head into the ground multiple times.

Geddie charged Quick with obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct, pointing out that she yelled curse words at the trooper. But seven weeks later, Assistant District Attorney Len Gregor said he would not prosecute the case, arguing Geddie did not have enough evidence for the charges.

Quick has since filed a lawsuit against Reyes and Geddie in U.S. District Court, claiming Geddie made a false arrest, used excessive force and retaliated for her use of the first amendment, according to the report.

"He was a bully," the 50-year-old Quick said to the paper this week.

In the video below, it is clear that Quick was agitated and being loud and angry. However, as the District Attorney noted, this was no reason for her detainment, assault, or arrest.

"I'm going to jail," Quick's daughter Gaha said, as seen on the dash cam footage. "You need to come get me."

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Quick yelled.

After Geddie put Gaha in the back of the patrol car, Quick continued to voice her discontent.

As Gaha's friend got in the driver's seat to move the car, Quick and Geddie continued the interaction. Geddie told Quick to back away, or he would bring her to jail.

As Quick tried to respond to Geddie, the officer cut her off.

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"Nope," Geddie said. "You go right over there. Get over there right now."

Quick tried to say something again.

"I don't care what," Geddie said. "You. Go. Now. You want to go to jail?"

"What are you going to take me to jail for?" she asked.

"Obstruction," he said.

"I know the law," she said. "I was married to an attorney for 20 years."

"Obstruction," he said. "Obstruction."

Quick then raised her finger which Geddie said made him fear for his life, claiming he thought she may try to go for his gun. When watching the video, it is quite evident that this woman was never reaching for the officer's gun.

However, the officer grabbed the 50-year-old woman, slammed her into the ground and then sat on her as she screamed.

In his incident report, Geddie claimed he was injured during the struggle. However, this was a direct result of his attack on Quick, not a from Quick herself.

When asked about the officer's report of his injuries this week, Quick laughed and said, "He hurt his own knees when he tackled me to the ground...It's almost humorous—if you weren't the one being assaulted."