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The chances of hearing a song on the radio talking about inciting peaceful change or calling out government corruption, are all but non-existent.

The mainstream hip hop scene has transformed from rhythmic poets on a mission to expose their inequality into production studio created, talentless hacks bragging about how much money and ‘bitches’ they have.

Underground hip-hop artist J-Jon smashes the paradigm of senseless songs about immaterial garbage and uses his talent to raise awareness to horrifying scenario of police brutality in America.

J-Jon expresses his point of view of what has happened in the past. The clips on his video are real news stories of the violence. With almost 30k+ shares on Facebook, its pretty obvious how many people feel the same about this situation. We hope this message travels all over there world before it gets worse.

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You can download this song from J-Jon's SoundCloud account at this link.