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CA Cops to Homeless: Be our guinea pigs or be arrested

The Free Thought Project

Cassandra Rules

July 2, 2014

Participants in the CA Drug Recognition Evaluator Program (DRE) are reporting that they have been forced to participate in this testing or otherwise face arrest.


The California Highway Patrol's program is intended to train officers how to collect money for the state by helping to boost the prosecution of victimless crimes, *ahem*... identifying what substance a person is on, if any.

The first week of the training program the officers learn in a classroom setting. During the second week, the CHP has officers go out and target the struggling homeless population to coerce them into being subjects for officers to then practice on.

Unlike sobriety tests which are typically conducted on the roadside, DRE officers pick up anyone with probable cause, such as appearing intoxicated, carrying an open container, or pushing a shopping cart and bring them in to the DRE field testing program facility.

One unwilling participant, Charlotte Ward wasn’t even given an option. Charlotte was at her part-time job doing yard work for a local motel when she was picked up and taken to the CHP facility against her will.

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Charlotte told Vice:

“They just pulled up like Dukes of Hazzard and was like, ‘I think you’re high, and I'm gonna test you’ and stuff like that. I told them I was at work, and they didn't even get me a chance.”

Ward was then forced to leave everything and unable to notify her boss that she was being taken.

“I was humiliated because I was at work. I could have lost the job due to them.”

California has 22 percent of America’s homeless population, 66.7 percent of which lack any shelter, the highest percentage in the nation.

These people are already going through hardships most of us will hopefully never face. Must they be subjected to mandatory police drug training now as well?

When some of our most downtrodden are facing the choice of being locked in cages or used as training material for our hyper militarized police force, we are reducing these human beings worth to that of a lab rat.

Our brains and bodies should not belong to the government. The drug war is a war on us all.

This is all tragically unsurprising from a state that allows monsters with badges to brutally murder the homeless, on video, and remain employed by our tax dollars.