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May 24, 2014

In Quincy, California the Plumas County Sheriff's Department is trying to conduct a little community outreach by pulling over people and surprising them with a sweet gift.

We'd love to cover this story as great news, but the fact is that California cops have a horribly abusive track record.

The Huffington Post curtseyed a bit and covered this stunt by the Plumas County Sheriff's Department, noting that cops are "Pulling People Over for the Best Reason Ever."

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However, using the threat of force, via police 'authority,' and pulling innocent people over, detaining, scaring, and questioning them, is hardly a fresh experience with the cops. 

Sure, ice cream is better than a ticket, but this gesture is but a mere distraction to the reality that police uphold a system of immoral laws which kidnaps, cages, and kills people for victimless crime.

Dear Plumas County Sheriff's Department, if you'd like to do some real community outreach, stop enforcing unethical and arbitrary laws designed for revenue collection and persecution of the innocent.

Next time you try a stunt like this, pull over the family of one of the hundreds of innocent people you've jailed for victimless crimes, and instead of ice cream, give them back their family member.