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San Diego, CA-- In February, we reported on despicable actions of San Diego Sheriff’s Deputy, Jeffrey Guy. Guy became infamous after he beat and pepper sprayed 22-year-old Antonio Martinez, a man with down syndrome and the mental capacity of a 7-year-old.

The deputy said that he would "do it again if he could." And he just proved to the world that he was not lying when he said those words.

Guy is now facing a second use of force lawsuit after reportedly stomping an innocent student's head into the asphalt as he was lying face down and handcuffed.

Brett Bacon has filed a lawsuit over injuries he says were inflicted upon him by Guy during an incident in February of 2013. The college student explained that he was being dropped off at home when Guy and four other officers stopped him and demanded he get out of the vehicle. The officers were on his street to check back in after a call was made by his girlfriend 10 hours prior, as she was allegedly going through a mental health episode.

Bacon stated that he was yanked out of the car as the officers demanded that he put his hands above his head. He explained that he was told to get on the ground on his stomach and complied. He says he was handcuffed with no explanation as to why the vehicle was stopped or why he was being arrested. That is when he says he was stomped on during an assault by the officer.

"He came down with his boot, stomping my head into the asphalt, causing an abrasion and swelling," Brett Bacon told 10News.

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According to Bacon, the officer then told him about how he was going to tell the department that he fell out of the car on his face causing the injuries himself.

"I said why did you kick me while I'm [lying] on the ground helpless. He said, 'I didn't kick you. I'm going to tell them you fell out of the car on your face,'" the lawsuit obtained by 10News reads. "He speeds up the car and slams on the brakes on two separate occasions. My face slams up against the glass."

Bacon was charged with resisting arrest, without ever being told why he was being arrested. This is the same charge he used after viciously beating Antonio Martin the year before. Neither of the young men were charged with any other crime. How can someone be charged with resisting arrest when there was no crime to arrest him for?

"My public defender said, 'I've never seen them drop a case so quickly,'" Bacon told 10News.

Before joining the San Diego Police Department, the career criminal cop had six use of force incidents including; using an impact weapon three times, a take-down maneuver once, pepper spray once and excessive force or filing a false report- in only one year during the 13 years he spent with the San Jose police.

This officer has repeatedly proven to be a danger to public safety, yet he is still patrolling the streets. Vista, California, beware. There is a violent armed criminal patrolling your streets.

At any other job in the country, you will eventually be fired if enough complaints and lawsuits are filed against you. Why are people in positions that are the most dangerous for public safety not held to the same standard?