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“Keep your hands where I can see them, don’t move. You hear me? You have a license? Show me your license now. If you do something, I’ll kill you here. You understand?”

Buckeye, AZ -- Teodulo Sanchez is an 'undocumented immigrant' with two US born children, who is in deportation proceedings after failing to obtain legal status through his father.

teodula Sanchez

Sanchez was on his way home from work Friday when he noticed that he was being followed by Buckeye police.

Sanchez told Buzzfeed that after 25 minutes the officer pulled him over and he decided to record the stop.

The video is only 1:14 long and in Spanish, but it shows an intense interaction in which an Arizona police officer repeatedly threatens to kill unarmed Sanchez.

“Weapons? No weapons in your car? Keep your hands where I can see them, don’t move. You hear me? You have a license? Show me your license now. If you do something, I’ll kill you here. You understand?”

“You don’t have weapons in the car? You sure? Is there anything in the car? What’s in here? Just tools? You sure? OK. Don’t get out. Stay there. If you move, I’ll shoot you.”

According to Buzzfeed, Police dispute Sanchez’s version of events, saying the officer never pointed his gun at him. They say they received reliable information from another law enforcement agency that a gold, four-door Honda was carrying a large amount of illegal narcotics with a possible armed occupant and this is the reason the officer was on alert.

Sanchez, however, did not have any illegal narcotics and was actually on his way home from work like he said; so much for the "reliable information."

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Sanchez said he was never told why he was stopped. Police said that he committed a traffic violation on State Route 85.

When another officer arrived, Sanchez says that the original officer told him that he kept moving his hands and kept trying to get out of the car. The video, while only a portion of the stop, does not show this.

In a press release put out by Buckeye Police they stated that, “Mr. Sanchez continued making furtive movements in the vehicle before the officer approached the passenger side window. With the information that the driver may be armed, and the fact that he was not obeying the officer’s comments, this heightened the officer’s concern for safety.”

Apparently being concerned for your safety entails death threats to another human being.

At the end of the stop, Sanchez was told to exit the vehicle, which he did, and sat down on the curb. He then gave police consent to search his vehicle and he was released after nothing illegal was found in the car.

According to Buzzfeed:

The video was put on YouTube by DREAMer and national immigration activist Erika Andiola, who said she posted it to show why fear is pervasive in the undocumented community.

“The undocumented community is already afraid of what law enforcement can do to them due to the huge collaboration they have with ICE,” she said. “Imagine having cops threaten us with guns now! Unacceptable.”

Sanchez said he gave her the video so people can see how immigrants are treated in Arizona.

“I did it so people could see what happens, they’re killing too many people in America for nothing these days” he said. “If you look Mexican, they’ll stop you.”

h/t #buzzfeed