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Miami Gardens, FL -- On February 15, Lavall Hall had a schizophrenic episode when he grabbed a broom and then went outside in his underwear. Unable to get her son back inside, Hall's mother called the police for assistance to get her son back to the hospital, as he was only released one week prior.

Hall's mother says that the police were aware of her son’s condition as they had responded to calls for medical assistance at her home in the past, and that she repeatedly told the officers that he was schizophrenic and bipolar on this evening.

“Don’t hurt my child,” the mother asked the officers before the encounter.

The officers were heard mocking her plea in the video of the shooting, released in April.

The department claims that Hall attacked officers with the broomstick and that two officers had fired tasers at him which were ineffective. The family maintains that this was a murder and that the police had no intention of leaving the scene with him alive.

In the video, the officer is heard screaming “get on the f—ing ground or you’re dead.” He then fires his service weapon pointed slightly downwards four times, then moving closer for a fifth shot.

Hall is not seen in the frame. After repeatedly shooting Hall, the officer callously screams at the fatally injured man to put his hands behind his back.

“I was outraged, furious, devastated and very emotional. They killed him, murdered him,” Melissa Edwards, the mother of Hall’s 8-year-old daughter stated.

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Witnesses have publicly stated that Hall did not have the broom in his hand when he was gunned down.

“When I look he ain’t have nothing in his hand,” Hall’s next-door neighbor Tyrone Bennett told WLRN. “He had on boxers and a undershirt.”

Gregorio Marmolejo, also told reporters that he saw Hall’s body on the ground after he was shot, but did not see a broom.

The family and their attorneys gave a press conference prior to releasing the footage last April, and stressed that while Hall was black, they wanted to focus on police lack of care or proper training when handling situations involving the mentally ill.

To add to the injustice of Hall's killing by police who couldn't get an unarmed man under control without deadly force, the officer who pulled the trigger, Eddo Trimino, will not face charges.

On Thursday, according to Local 10 News, Miami-Dade County state attorney's office spokesman Ed Griffith announced that Trimino was justified in killing Hall, because 'they had no choice.'

Trimino's justification for using deadly force was under Florida's "fleeing felon law," which allows officers to shoot someone who is suspected of a felony, according to Local 10 News.

Every single day, in mental health hospitals across the United States, patients become violent and aggressive with staff. Amazingly enough, the staff at these hospitals, which is made up of unarmed men and women, are able to de-escalate the situation -- without killing anyone.