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Stockton, CA -- A young teen was on his way home from school and attempting to catch a bus when he crossed the road in a manner not fit for a police state.

When a Stockton police officer witnessed him committing the "crime" of jaywalking, the officer then attempted to deprive him of his freedom and likely attempt to extort money from him or his parents.

According to witnesses, the teen did not want to be extorted or deprived of his freedom, so he continued walking to his bus. At this point, the officer was compelled to protect and serve the community by attacking this child.

The footage begins as the officer pulls out his baton and begins beating the boy.

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“It’s a f**cking kid!” someone in the group of onlookers keeps shouting as the situation unfolds. “Get off him! He’s been jaywalking! Leave him alone, he didn’t do anything wrong!”

“Stop resisting!” the cop shouts just like he's trained.

After being struck in the face by a police baton, the boy is seen sitting there in shock with his hands to his face. At this point, the officer realizes he must be dealing with a hardened criminal mastermind, so he called in backup.

In the end, 9 officers were on the scene to protect the residents of Stockton from this evil boy who'd dare cross the street.