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(Photo: Courtesy of Joanna Jurgens)

Sacramento, CA -- When Joanna Jurgens' schizophrenic son came to her after being severely beaten, including a broken arm, and told her "cops did it," she didn't believe him.

Jeffrey Jurgens has a schizoaffective disorder, a condition that can cause delusions and symptoms associated with mood disorders. He would often end up missing or homeless for extended periods of time.

"He told me he took a car, and he ran from the police," Joanna Jurgens said. "I questioned it. I've dealt with a lot of delusions and a lot of things so I doubted what he was telling me."

However, Jeffrey Jurgens wasn't lying. His broken arm and severe head injury really were inflicted upon him by California Highway Patrol officers.

After Jeffrey Jurgens' criminal proceedings had continued to get pushed back, Joanna Jurgens received a call from an employee of the Sacramento DA's office. The employee told her about the dashcam footage.

"He paused and said, 'I can't really say too much, but I'm going to tell you what your son has been telling you is the truth, and you need to look into this,'" Jurgens said.

After the video was exposed, the district attorney dropped all charges against Jeffrey "in the interest of justice."

The Jurgens then hired attorneys Beau D. Weiner and Lilka B. Martinez.

"It was horrifying," Martinez said. "I had to watch the video several times to really grasp the level of violence used on Jeffrey."

In 2012, CHP officers attempted to pull Jurgens over for "erratically driving." Jurgens didn't immediately pull over and led officers on a short pursuit.

When he stopped a short distance from where the pursuit began, he opened the door and put both hands in the air in an attempt to surrender.

"In my opinion, it's clear," Weiner said. "He stops the car, he opens the door, and he puts his hands up. It's a clear sign of submission and surrender."

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But the fact that this mentally ill man posed no threat and was submitting, did not matter to these cops; they were out for blood -- and bones.

When officers approached Jurgens, who had his hands up, they pulled the man out and began beating him, and beating him, and beating him.

At the end of the assault, Jurgens would be struck over 20 times with batons and knee strikes by California Highway Patrol officers during his arrest.

As Jurgens lay on the ground, bones broken, bleeding out, the officers then gave each other high-fives to celebrate their brutal gang-style beating of a non-violent mentally ill man.

After the video had become known, CHP released the following statement:

"The CHP wants to reassure the public that use of force incidents or allegations of misconduct are taken very seriously," CHP Officer Julie Powell said. "The CHP immediately conducted an internal investigation after this incident in 2012, and upon its conclusion, appropriate action was taken."

Apparently the "appropriate action" was not only to keep these violent thugs on the force, but also to promote them.

News 10 reports:

The CHP didn't say what, if any, specific action was taken against the officers. News10 requested records on the employment status and salaries of the officers, and learned all five are still employed by the CHP. They also all make more money than they did in 2012.

"CHP has seen this video, so that tells me they must condone this behavior," Jurgens said. "So there's a serious problem there. There's a serious problem, and it's not just with mentally ill people. It could be you or me that gets pulled over and that happens to."

"I don't think there's very many parents that could sit and watch their child be beat," she said. "I'm certainly not one of them."

Next time you are driving through Sacremento, be careful. There is a chance you will be severely "protected and served" by these very "public servants."

Please pardon the autoplay, the video is from News 10 and is currently the only available version.