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April 12, 2014

When Ted installed his Timetec Roadhawk Dashcam, he was simply trying to defend himself in court against unlawful traffic stops. He had no idea that it would capture a wreck between him and a border patrol van.

But that is exactly what happened.

According to his blog at, Ted describes himself being dazed and confused after the accident, but he still had enough composure to remain silent. Go Ted!

"As you can plainly see, I was driving along at a normal pace minding my own business when out of nowhere, a van from the US Border patrol (my luck!) makes a left turn right in front of me, and then BAM!

It is without a doubt a miracle that no one, not myself nor the half dozen people in the van were seriously hurt, especially considering that I knocked the van over on its side!

A few minutes later, as I was on the phone with 911, the driver of the van, a big burly guy in plabadinclothes, came running over to me with his US Border patrol badge exposed, screaming “Didn’t you see the light? Did you not see the light?”

When the (real) cops came, the driver further accused me of going through a red light and causing the accident. All the passengers in the Border Patrol van repeated the same line: that I went through a red light.

I remained silent the whole time; I was dazed and confused after being knocked around, and I had just been pounded by a few airbags that went off in my car."

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Not until Ted got back home did he realize what happened when he put the 32 GB sd card from his dashcam into his pc. The light was green! The border patrol agent was wrong!

But that did not stop the Border Patrol Agent from falsifying a police report.


It’s a bit tough to read it (click it to see an enlarged version), but it clearly states that “van was westbound on Rockaway making a left turn southbound onto Farmers Blvd states thought all Eastbound traffic stopped for vehicle’s turret lights and red light at intersection“. The Border Patrol employees clearly lied on a police report! 

Hopefully this vindicates Mr. Ted of any wrong doing.

However, as we reported on the 11th, an officer's testimony can hold more water than an actual video.

Let's hope for TED here, that these people see 2+2 as 4 and not 5.