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Kingston, NY -- Filming the police has proven to be an essential part of exposing police corruption. Without direct evidence of their crimes, captured on video, the public would never believe the commoner over the state. Charlie Balakubak, of Kingston, New York, just recently illustrated the power of filming when his dashcam captured a police officer nearly hit him -- and then charge Balakubak with a crime that the cop committed!

Balakubak's run-in with the police was almost literal last September when a cop crossed a double yellow line and swerved at him head on. Narrowly escaping a deadly collision, Balakubak honked at the offending officer and simply carried on.

However, this cop was either out for revenge, or entirely delusional -- so he pulled Balakubak over and accused Balakubak of a crime that the cop just committed.

Knowing he'd done nothing wrong and, in fact, had video of the officer breaking the law, Balakubak was confident during the stop. In spite of telling the officer he had video of him breaking the law, Balakubak was still issued a citation for the cop's crime.

The Free Thought Project spoke with Balakubak, who explained how the video of the incident quickly helped him out.

"The incident occurred at 7:30 PM, I had the video up by 11 PM that night. Shortly after, I sent an email to the chief of police. 9 AM the following morning," explains Balakubak, "I spoke with the chief who said they were reviewing that video. I then called the District Attorney and left a message for them. They never returned the call. At 3 PM, I sent the link to two of the TV stations locally as well as to two newspapers locally."

According to Balakubak, the video worked!

"At 4:30 that day, I received a call from the Deputy Chief with an apology and letting me know that the officer was being reprimanded and that the ticket would be dismissed. On Friday the 7th, I received a letter from the city explaining that the ticket was dismissed. The letter came from the city lawyer who is also an ADA, which would explain why the DA's office never returned my call.

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"The chief in Kingston is a good guy, unfortunately, they are tasked with having to rely on some whose integrity is less than honorable. In the video, you'll hear me ask how that moron Strand is. Strand was the supervisor that showed up at the stop that night after Mills took my information. In the extended video, I give it to him as well. They both were responsible for the ticket I received. They must have taken a gamble that I either didn't have a camera OR that it was not working, then decided to write the ticket.The whole stop took about 30 minutes to complete."

Had video not existed showing this officer break the law, no one would have ever believed Balakubak, and he knew this as he's been through it before.

"A very similar incident occurred in 2008 with the Saugerties NY police," he told the Free Thought Project. "They, however, weren't going to be one-upped by a peasant. They tried everything they could to get me to plead guilty, which I did not. Video evidence in that case also exonerated me but, the Judge in his dismissal letter did his best to convict me anyway by describing my actions as reprehensible. I sued in State Supreme court on civil rights violations and won that case. I even drafted all my accusatory instruments to get into State Supreme court."

As Balakubak tells the Free Thought Project, he's not anti-cop, only anti-corrupt cop.

"They seem to forget that, once the officer crosses the line from LEO to LEA (law enforcement abuser) their actions are criminal, and at that point they can no longer expect courtesy. Furthermore, I am a Oath of Service bearer which requires me to support and defend the constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Ulster County NY is very corrupt, as are some of the towns that reside in it. Judges, Mayors, Police and more seemed to be immune to prosecution, conviction or even being arrested in this area, even though they are out of control. One mayor here died about 15 years ago because of cocaine abuse. That was covered up and an autopsy report was never disclosed to the public."

Below is a brief video showing the power of lying cops and the power of citizens with cameras to expose them. Please share this article and video with others so that they may see the power we, as a people, still have.

[author title="" image=""]Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter and now on Steemit[/author]