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The popular law enforcement website, published a story on the outcome of the Eric Garner grand jury decision Wednesday, and it was riddled with disturbing comments from police officers.

According to's own terms, to leave a comment, "You must be a verified law enforcement professional," so these comments below are from real cops.

The article itself was not an opinion piece, it was a simple aggregate story from the AP, stating the facts of the case.

But that did not stop the jackboot peanut gallery from chiming in.

The first comment sets the tone of the page as user rdramsey displays his ignorance on the facts in this case stating that Garner died from a preexisting coronary condition.


Well rdramsey, you and the rest of the leo's on policeone would be wrong in believing this. The New York City Medical Examiner’s office even released a statement ruling that the official cause of death was a homicide due to “compression of neck, chest and positioning during restraint by police.”

Next we have policeone user, VON1 with his words of wisdom, celebrating the fact no charges were filed against any officers who physically assaulted a man, leading to his death over the accusations of selling loose cigarettes.


At the end of his comment, VON1 states that his job is to "kick some thug ass." Oh I'm sorry VON1, I thought you swore an oath to uphold the constitution, I didn't realize that 'kicking thug ass' was now your job description.

The next cop comment brings out the racial tensions that this officer apparently holds.

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In the comment below, by VON1, he illustrates the attitude held by so many police officers. "Well he didn't immediately 'submit' and start licking boot, so he deserved to die." He then makes some ominous reference to "blinders."


Perhaps only slightly less disturbing than these officers' callous, racist, and repugnant remarks, is their grammar.

A recurring theme among these LEOs, is calling anyone who disagrees with a cop, a "thug." In the comment below buddy245 is likely talking about protesters when he says, "chasing around these thugs."


In perhaps the most disturbing comment from this article, user SAPDMAS refers to a group of humans as "ungrateful, spoiled, hateful animals." Way to show your true colors SAPDMAS.


With cops dehumanizing people in this manner, is it any wonder that they resort to deadly force so quickly?

What none of these law enforcement officers seem to grasp is the fact that they can apply a certain level of discretion. You do not have to immediately escalate an otherwise completely peaceful situation into a violent one. Was the state's missing revenue from a man selling cigarettes worth more than the life of another human being?

Eric Garner was being accused of the "crime" of selling loose cigarettes. His life was ended that day because police officers felt that the 3 cents in tax revenue that the state may have lost because Garner may have sold a loose cigarette to someone, was more important than the life of a father of six and husband.

Here is a video reminder of just how separated from the rest of society the NYPD has become. The video below is of a press conference given by the top brass at the NYPD within the days following the death of Eric Garner. There is absolutely zero compassion in their words, and in fact, they go so far as to insinuate that the chokehold didn't kill Eric Garner, "anti-police rhetoric" did.