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The war on drugs is not a ‘war’ on ‘drugs’ at all. It is a war on personal freedom. It’s a war on human consciousness, on the human body; a war on the one thing in this life in which all human rights are derived, self-ownership.

The war on drugs grants the state the power to arbitrarily create ‘criminals’ out of individuals who’ve caused no harm to others. It’s an assembly line of state sanctioned violence and corruption against those of whom it is selectively enforced.

The drug war leaves in ruins the lives of those it destroys either through arrest or imprisonment or worse, state sponsored murder.

Another of the most immoral facets of this criminal war on drugs is the fact that it denies potentially lifesaving medicine to those in need. It turns caring mothers and fathers into underground criminals on the run because they want to treat their child’s illness.

It pushes into the depths of dark alleys, what should be out in the open for everyone to realize as a choice.

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Far too many sociopath politicians think it’s a good idea to lock a person in a cage for the possession of a plant.

These political leeches have every reason in the world to support this debauched war against personal freedom for it employs millions of them.

Without the war on drugs, politicians, bureaucrats, police, and military alike would have to prove their worth through other means, which would greatly reduce their numbers.

If you take away the ability of the state to capriciously declare portions of the general population its “enemy,” you take away the very reason for their existence.

It is for the millions whose lives have been ruined, and the millions of future lives, that we declare the war on drugs morally bankrupt and therefore nullified.

We, as humans, can no longer stand idly by as our fellow humans are savagely beaten, kidnapped, locked in cages, and even murdered for their personal choices, which cause NO HARM.

We affirm that peace be brought to your criminal war! We no longer consent to the funding of such savage and inhumane behavior. Today we stand as individuals, united for freedom, resolute in change, and we will no longer be subject to your immoral demands!