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Houston, TX -- In November of 2013, John Van Trump was accused of sexually assaulting a girl younger than six-years-old on or before July 2010. Since the girl was younger than six, his charge was considered a super crime.

The super crime law came from a tragic case out of Florida which eventually became known as Jessica's Law. 

Jessica's law and the Texas law like it, are designed to protect potential victims and reduce a sexual offender's ability to re-offend by punishing the perpetrators with steep sentences.

Trump was facing a minimum sentence of 25 years in jail and the potential for life.

"Unfortunately, we are going to see a lot more of these super charges because there's a lot of sick people, but the statute is in place to keep people like this, that have committed these crimes, in jail for a long time," KTRK legal analyst Joel Androphy said of this case back in 2013.

And sure, many people have been charged and convicted under this recent law. However, none of those people have been cops for 30 years, like John Van Trump.

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The details of Trump's crimes were so heinous that they were not released publicly. We only know that Trump sexually assaulted the daughter of his former girlfriend on multiple occasions. At the time of the alleged crimes, she was 5.

The girl was 8 when Trump was finally arrested and told authorities about the horrifying occasions on which she was sexually assaulted by this monster.

Now as the girl reaches 10 years of age, the solace she once took knowing this monster could never harm her again has been stolen by a defunct system.

On June 17, John Van Trump was convicted of sexually assaulting a little girl. 

However, instead of the minimum 25-year sentence he originally faced, Trump received far less time. In fact, he received no time. Trump will not serve one day in prison.

Trump was sentenced to 10 years deferred adjudication. In other words, Trump, a convicted child rapist, will avoid jail altogether after admitting to these heinous accusations.

Sexual abuse among law enforcement is the number 2 most popular complaint, second only to brutality. Many of these sex-offender cops get off with little to no punishment for their sadistic and sickening behavior. This is now one more example of the complete lack of accountability enjoyed by those on the other side of the law.