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Phoenix, AZ — Police cannot be everywhere all the time, which means they are almost never around when a crime, like a robbery, is being committed. This is well known and backs up the notion that modern-day cops can't prevent crime, only show up after. However, because violent criminals aren't the sharpest tools in the shed, they will sometimes commit a crime in front of a cop allowing that cop to be a hero for intervening and apprehending them.

One cop got the chance to be a hero last month in Arizona, however, she decided not to intervene in the robbery and, instead, did not pursue the robber, armed only with a knife—even as he taunted her for it. The cop was so unconcerned with doing her job or living up to the 'hero' status placed on police that she didn't even report the robbery in progress or document it after.

The entire embarrassing event was captured on the store's surveillance cameras.

The incident happened on August 11, and had store owners not called other cops, no one would have even known about it.

In the video, most of which is still unreleased by the department, the robbery suspect is seen walking in with a mask on, pulling out a knife, and attempting to go behind the counter. However, the store clerk, knowing that they were paying for an armed police officer to be there for protection, yells out for help.

The officer then walks to the front as the criminal is allowed to simply walk away. The officer, whose name is being withheld, merely pulled her gun out—a, according to witnesses, "held it sideways, like a gangster"—and shooed the criminal out of the door.

As ABC 15 reports:

Multiple sources tell ABC15 that the officer draws her gun, holds it “gangster style” (sideways), and makes a motion with the gun like she’s shooing away a fly.

During the exchange, the suspect stands at the door and appears to mock the officer, giving her a thumbs up, and even taking off his mask before he casually leaves the store. 

Sources told ABC15 that the officer didn’t call the robbery attempt in or write a report about what happened. Other officers later responded to take a report.

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The officer's action, or rather, inaction in this instance, proves one of two things. Either she is entirely too incompetent to be trusted with a gun and a badge, or, she knows the armed robber and let him leave. Either way, it serves to back up the idea that she should no longer be a cop.

Police spokesman Sgt. Jonathan Howard said he couldn’t discuss much about the situation citing legal reasons, according to ABC 15.

But Howard added that the female officer, who was working at the store in an off-duty capacity, is currently “assigned to an administrative position.”

Police are encouraging anyone who actually wants to take violent criminals off the streets and who may know the whereabouts of the suspect in the video below to call Silent Witness at (480) WITNESS.

This case serves to illustrate that the idea that police protect you is a misconception. They normally show up after the violence or crime has been committed and then try and find a culprit, or not. And, in this case, the officer was there and still did nothing to catch the criminal.

The average response time to a 9-1-1 call is 10 minutes nationwide; for poor areas, that time quadruples. In some cases, the dispatchers do not even take the caller seriously and the victim ends up dead when a crime could have actually been prevented.

The reality is that police act as revenue collectors for the state and solely exist to enforce the law only. This officer proved she was unconcerned with justice and only interested in collecting her paycheck.

In a perfect world, police would show up prior to a crime and stop it, or at least during a crime, but, as this case proves, many times, this is simply not a reality.