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Copperas Cove, TX — As TFTP reported last week, Lecresha Murray trip to the hospital was dangerously interrupted when a trigger happy cop decided to dump multiple rounds into her body for no reason. Despite the officer shooting the unarmed woman six times that Sunday, he was not immediately arrested. However, all that has changed and Copperas Cove police officer Eric Stoneburner was charged with aggravated assault in the shooting of Murray.

According to police, Stoneburner resigned just before turning himself in.

“As a department, we cannot support Mr. Stoneburner’s decision to use deadly force in the moment and manner in which he did,” Copperas Cove Police Chief Eddie Wilson said in a statement Friday. “The law, and our department policies, limit the use of deadly force to situations when an officer reasonably believes that he or a third person are in imminent and immediate danger of death or serious bodily injury. “

As we reported last week, Murray was shot six times by this crazed officer who was apparently in a fit of road rage when he pulled the trigger. Luckily, she wasn't killed.

“I'm a victim that got shot by an off-duty police officer that did not identify himself,” Murray said. “For no reason, I didn't approach him, I didn’t threaten him. I don't do anything. He just opened fire for no reason.”

According to Murray, she and the off-duty Copperas Cove police officer got into an argument on that Sunday as she drove herself to the hospital. She reportedly made a U-turn in front of the cop who decided to launch a pursuit and stalk the woman while off-duty.

Murray says she made the U-turn because she decided she needed to go to the hospital right then.

“I did a U-turn in the middle of the street because I was going to go to the hospital,” she said, according KWTX. “I started feeling sick.”

After she made the U-turn, Murray says the officer then started to follow her in his personal vehicle. She had no idea he was a cop and his driving was less than professional.

According to Murray, the officer in his silver truck began tailgating her before pulling in front of her and slamming on his brakes and driving slowly. Because the officer was driving slowly, Murray says she drove around him and he began tailgating her once more.

Upset with what was happening, Murray says she stopped at the next stop sign and got out to confront Stoneburner.

“I got out, jumped out [holding my hip area] like what's your problem bro,” she said. “As soon as I did that he pulled a gun.”

When she saw the gun, Murray says she took off running back to her car, but it was too late. This cop decided he was going to unload on an unarmed woman who was on her way to the hospital.

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“When I turned around to run back to my truck and get out of there, I just heard pop, pop, pop, pop, and all I could do was bend over and duck,” Murray told KWTX.

Soon after, at the intersection of Robertson Avenue and Williams Street, Murray exited her vehicle and “walked towards Stoneburner’s vehicle and stopped at the rear of her vehicle, with her right hand inside her waistband,” according to the affidavit. Stoneburner also got out of his vehicle, and then “pointed his duty handgun and aimed it at Murray while commanding her to show her hands and stop.”

According to the report, even after she got back in her truck, Stoneburner continued firing.

“Immediately after Murray closed her driver’s door, Stoneburner intentionally and knowingly used/discharged is handgun eight times towards the driver’s seat — into the passenger compartment — of Murray’s vehicle, striking Murray several times and causing her serious bodily injury,” according to the affidavit.

As the bullet holes in the video below illustrate, it appears the officer continued shooting Murray as she frantically attempted to flee.

When residents heard the gunfire they came out of their homes and began filming, according to reports. However, we have yet to locate one of the videos. When residents saw the man firing at Murray, they began yelling at him to stop.

“We were not going to have that in this neighborhood because this neighborhood is quiet and cohesive and we were not going to have this mess,” one resident who didn’t want to be identified said to KWTX.

The resident explained that children were told to go inside as adults confronted the shooter, a Copperas Cove cop.

“If the guy with gun tried to run, he wasn’t going [anywhere] because the whole neighborhood would have tackled him because we were all out here,” the resident said.

Murray explained that she had no idea the man was a cop as he never identified himself until after the residents confronted him for shooting her.

“At the time, when he's looking back and seeing these guys recording, he turned around, then he took out his badge,” she said.

Luckily, the bullets that hit Murray were not life threatening and she was brought to a local hospital where she was treated and then released.

“We have worked hard to build legitimacy and trust within our community and will work just as hard to rebuild any trust lost as a result of this event,” Wilson said. “We hope that our citizens do not judge us based solely on this event, but instead on how we handled this event.”