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Michael Shane Abo, with the Yamhill Police Department, was arrested Saturday morning for first degree assault and criminal mistreatment in the first degree after beating a four year old boy so bad that he had to be air lifted to OHSU and is currently in critical condition.

Abo was arrested without incident at his home early Saturday morning and booked into the Yamhill County Jail. His bail was set at $1 million.

This can provide insight into the mentality of some of these police officers. We often wonder why or how some of these cops have the capacity to tazer the elderly, or shoot unarmed children, or beat mentally ill people to death.

This man was such a thug that he beat his girlfriend's 4 year old child, nearly to death. Imagine if this aggression would have been triggered during a traffic stop.

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How can such a concentration of thuggish ill-will come into existence through the ostensible actions of “protecting and serving”?

There are many factors to this behemoth, such as positions of authority over others always tend to attract the worst in society and government institutions are completely unaccountable. A “bad cop” might be fired, but the institution remains to create more of them.

It could also be due to the more overt factor such as Courts setting the precedent that bars smart people from becoming cops. Seriously.

Whatever the case, the outlook is grim unless people stop worshiping this violent coercive force.

The time is now. The people are the only ‘check’ left in this unbalanced state and it is up to us to stop this giant boot of oppression.

We can accomplish this through releasing our dependency upon these violent institutions. Build neighborhood groups instead of relying on smash and grab jackboots to provide your security. And simply stop being afraid to talk about the corruption, for they may silence one of us, but they will never silence an idea whose time has come.