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"Chico police department hurt me more than the accident did."

June 17, 2014

A gruesome video was just released showing the horrible treatment of a crash victim by a Chico, CA police officer.

64-year-old Joseph Rosales, was driving his car down Pillsbury Road when his dog jumped onto his lap and caused him to crash, rolling his car.

Officer David Bailey was the first government official on the scene.

Officer Bailey felt that the building may fall on him and Rosales, so he took extreme action.

However, if you look at the "building" in question, it is a lightweight metal roof that would hardly have put a scratch on the already totaled vehicle.

Rosales didn't immediately try and get out of the vehicle, he told Bailey he needed to get his dog.

“I don't want to get killed because you want to get your dog,” Bailey said to Rosales on the video.

The video then shows Rosales looking down in the car slow to respond. The officer becomes more forceful and grabs Rosales' arm.

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“There you can see and he tried to break it,” said Rosales referring to the video. “See he's twisting it, you can see the marks he left.”

"Get out of the car now!" Bailey demands.

"I can't, ouch, I can't." Rosales responds in pain as his arm is nearly broken.

How does twisting a 64-year-old man's arm in that gruesome manner help to remove him from the car?

As Rosales tries to comply with Bailey's orders he is forcefully pulled from the vehicle and nearly smashes his head on the pavement as his foot gets caught in the seat belt.

The video then ends right as Rosales is freed.

Why didn't he simply break out the front glass if he was so concerned about removing the man from the vehicle quickly?

Why twist his arm while demanding he get out? How does incapacitating a man, help him to hurry?

The severe lack of logic applied to this situation makes the case that this 'rescue attempt' was actually just a raging cop taking his aggression out on a vulnerable old man.

However, the Chico Police Department said they believe Bailey did the right thing and was trying to save both of their lives. Of course.