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Maui, HI — Last month, disgraced Maui police officer, Brandon Saffeels, was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison for arresting a woman and later demanding sexual favors in exchange for his beneficial testimony at her trial. During the course of Saffeels' trial, other victims came forward and this cop's sadistic ways were exposed.

According to court documents, Saffeels arrested a woman for DUI in 2019. Apparently, the sick wheels in his head started spinning after her arrest, so he contacted her after the fact and told her that if she allowed him to have his way with her, he would throw his testimony at her trial.

The woman, a single mother, was scared to go to police with the story as she feared they would cover it up. So, she took her case straight to the media. She had the officer's text messages and even recorded his calls in which he told her to come to his home where he would carry out his "bad intentions."

After this mother of three made her case public on Hawaii News Now, Saffeels was arrested on numerous charges. After his arrest, other victims came forward alleging that Saffeels made similar advances toward them, including one woman who was the victim of a crime.

A total of four of them are now suing MPD.

In November, Saffeels took a plea deal and his first victim took the stand at his sentencing hearing to let him know how she felt.

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“Am I still scared? Very. Do I worry about retaliation still? Yes,” said the woman, adding that Saffeels going to jail gave her some solace.

“I do feel like I’ve gotten a little of my power back. I feel like I can breathe again,” she said after hearing he'd be carrying out his 30 month sentence in another state. “I just encourage everyone else out there going though something like this to take a stand. Be brave. You’re not alone.”

Saffeels was not ordered to immediately report to jail and instead his sentencing was deferred until January 7, 2022 where he would be sent to a federal facility in Oregon. That plea will likely be thrown out now, however, as this cop is unable to control his sick desires.

After his conviction, while waiting to serve his prison sentence, this disgraced cop was busted again — this time, trying to have sex with a 13-year-old girl. Apparently, he wanted to create one more victim before being locked up. Luckily, however, that 13-year-old girl was actually an undercover agent with Operation Keiki Shield — a joint operation by county, state and federal agencies to track down child predators.

On Sunday, Saffeels was booked into the Maui jail — again — and his bail set at $500,000.

Oddly enough, TFTP reported on a similar case last month. Disgraced police chief, Alexander Bebris, was sentenced to five years in prison in November 2020 after he was caught running a child porn ring and convicted in federal court. The 52-year-old child predator appealed the conviction and due to his status as a former public servant, he was allowed to stay out on bail until his appeal went through.

His conviction was upheld this past August, but again, his blue privilege shown through and he wasn't immediately required to report to jail. Instead his sentence was delayed pending the appeal's resolution. While this child predator enjoyed his freedom, however, the state quickly learned that they screwed up by letting him remain free. Just days before he was to begin serving his five-year sentence for running a child porn network, this monster was busted once more. This time, he was found with horrifying images of children as young as 3.