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Harris County, TX -- Deputy Collins with the Harris County Sheriff's Office was accused of going 50 mph through a residential neighborhood by a citizen who claimed to have witnessed it.

After seeing Deputy Collins blow by him, the citizen then honked his horn to get Collins' attention and let him know that he thought he was driving at unsafe speeds.

Collins then pulled over the the citizen who honked at him, with no lights on, and the two get in an argument.

Working up enough courage to try and pull over a cop for speeding is hard enough; lying about a police cruiser which is probably equipped with a dashcam that records the time and speed of the unit, would be asinine. So we can assume that the citizen legitimately witnessed the officer speeding.

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However, Collins does not admit to speeding, but he does flex his authority. Instead of conceding that he may have been going too fast or simply ignoring the man and driving off, he uses his uniform and turns the tables on the citizen, because he can.

Had this been a dispute between two private individuals with no special privilege it would have gone much different. But Collins has a freshly painted, tax-payer funded SUV, a shiny metal badge, and a pistol. These things give him the upper hand; so he uses it.

Below is the interaction, recorded by YouTube user, tanner9072, which epitomizes just how difficult it is for the "common man" to accuse the ruling class of any wrongdoing. Quite frustrating indeed.