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Frank Phillips, sadistic tyrant extraordinaire, who choked a handcuffed man until he passed out, will not face charges.

Robert Frank Phillips

Not only will he not face charges for assault and battery, he will still get to retire on your dime.

Originally Phillips was trying to appeal his dismissal, but according to a letter from his attorney, he decided to take a deferred retirement instead.

Sheriff JJ Jones fired Phillips last month, after he said Phillips used excessive force during the arrest of a college student at a party in the Fort Sanders neighborhood.

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According to WBIR, Jones put forms in Phillips' files with the sheriff's office and the Merit Council that list the end of his employment as "other." "Resignation" and "dismissed for cause" options weren't selected.

Because of the retirement changes, the Merit Board will not hold hearings on the issue.

Precedent set, if you are a cop, you can assault and batter someone, and your punishment is getting paid for the rest of your life on tax payer dollars. Seems legit.