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In a Tweet around midnight CST on May 29, President Donald Trump took to his Twitter account and threatened to begin extrajudicially executing protesters suspected of looting. This was an unprecedented move by a president and speaks to the nature of the current situation in the United States. Stealing a TV from Target does not warrant a death sentence — especially without due process.

After Trump made the threat, Twitter hid the Tweet behind a warning, accusing him of breaking its rules by “glorifying violence.” However, this was so much more than glorifying violence. This was advocating for the extrajudicial slaughter of hundreds of people over property damage.

While most of his supporters looked the other way as their messiah advocated for public executions for suspicion of misdemeanor crimes, TFTP predicted the inevitable results of such tyranny. As the video below illustrates, the predictions were accurate.

Just two days after the president's call for public executions, a Vallejo, California police officer carried one out.

The victim's name was Sean Monterrosa.

Monterrosa was suspected of looting a Walgreens. He was unarmed and on his knees when the still-unidentified officer opened fire though the windshield of his police cruiser and murdered him -- execution style -- with a bullet to the back of his head.

Monterrosa was shot during what the department is now calling a half kneel saying, "He was struck in the back of the head."

As the video shows, the officer rolls up on the scene and he is so scared that he doesn't even attempt to get out of the car before he starts shooting. After he murdered Monterrosa, he immediately claims that he saw a gun. There was no gun.

"What did he point at us? Hey he pointed a gun at us," says the unnamed officer in an attempt to justify his execution. That officer went on to say, "I thought that ------ was armed!"

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After the shooting, an officer suggested that Monterrosa was fleeing, saying: “He ran, he ran!” as if that justifies the execution. Then, another officer made it clear how inconvenient this public execution was by making multiple outbursts after the killing, shouting: “This is not what I f**king needed today!” and “Stupid!”

Clearly unconcerned with the fact that his fellow officer just murdered an unarmed man who was only suspected of petty theft, another cop on the scene takes to consoling the murdering officer.

Another officer can be heard saying, "I thought he was armed too dude you're alright, you're alright. Take some deep breaths, take some deep breaths."

Conveniently for the police department, the officer's in car dash camera footage is non-existent.

"No we don't have dash cam video. We are releasing as much video as we can for the public," Vallejo Police Chief Shawny Williams said.

Using police jargon to justify the execution of an unarmed man, Williams described how the moments played out, "He was in a crouching half kneeling position, his hands were in his waist band when he turned towards officers, the officers perceived the butt of a gun and they shot. That's accurate, that's factual."

Naturally, Monterrosa's family is not accepting the "whoops, we made a mistake and executed your family member" excuse. Now they are calling for the officer and the chief to be held accountable.

"Not only do we want to prosecute, we need Shawny Williams to step down too," said Sean Monterrosa's sister Michelle.

We agree.