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Atlanta, GA — Cops and social media mix like oil and water. When they aren't arresting people for their Facebook posts critical of the government, police are taking to Facebook themselves to advocate for the death of people with whom they disagree. While these previous cases have been insidious, they pale in comparison to the recent alleged comments from a Georgia police officer's Facebook page in which he called for declaring martial law and the wholesale murder of protesters.

Over the weekend, an Atlanta local news agency was sent several screenshots of a Facebook account belonging to Mercer University police officer, Mark Teems.

As 11 Alive reports, a person using his image and name commented on a local news story shared to the station's Facebook page regarding the recent protest at Georgia Tech. The protest was related to the officer-involved shooting death of Scout Schultz, a student at the university.

Students at Georgia tech reacted in outrage last week after a video showed police gun down Schultz whose attorney noted was 'armed' with a pocket multitool. During the protests, some criminal elements began destroying property and a police cruiser was even set ablaze.

While the destructive behavior of some of the protesters was certainly criminal and deserved police action, the response from Teems' Facebook account was entirely over the top and grounds for criminal prosecution as well as he was inciting violence.

"I'm sick of the BS. Declare Martial Law and start killing these Asshats!!!"


As if this wasn't bad enough, that same day, Teems' Facebook account then shared a video from a page called Coalition For Trump Superstore which showed violent police using water cannons on protesters sending them tumbling down the street. The page uploaded it to advocate the use of water cannons on Antifa.

While members of Antifa are certainly enacting and calling for violence, the people praising and calling for violence and the killing of protesters are no different.

Ironically enough, the protesters being brutalized by cops in the video he shared were actually freedom fighters standing up to the tyrannical socialist regime's oppression — in Venezuela.

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"this should be standard for EVERY large cities Police Dept!!!" wrote Teems' Facebook account in his video post.

As 11 Alive reports, they reached out to Mark Teems via phone. Naturally, he denied making the posts and hung up on them.

The man who answered said he worked for Mercer University as a police officer. When asked about his posts on social media, he repeatedly said, "I don't know what you are talking about." We asked him for his email address to send him the screenshots, but he refused. 11Alive News informed him that the university is aware of the comments and wanted to give him a chance to respond. Again he refused and hung up the phone.

Despite Teems' denial and playing ignorant, his Facebook page is still active and some of his public posts are in line with these alleged comments. In 2013, Teems made a post calling welfare recipients "Leaches and parasites..." His disdain for who he perceives as the enemy, is tellingly clear.


Again, in ironic fashion, however, Teems failed to realize that his entire paycheck is derived from the taxation of the public and police collecting revenue through the enforcement of victimless crimes. Arguably, the theft of someone's wages for their window tint being too dark can easily be compared to that of a leech or a parasite.

When asked about their officer's conduct regarding these alleged posts made through the Facebook account, the department said they will handle it internally.

This information has been passed along to Mercer's police chief, and the matter will be handled internally.

While sharing memes is one thing, openly calling for martial law and the murder of people protesting their government is another—and it's criminal. If it is proven that Teems did, in fact, make these posts, which he more than likely did, he should be held to the same standards as everyone else who makes violent threats online.

Somehow, we think that probably won't happen. However, if it does, we will keep you up to date.