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June 6, 2014

FTP (Film the Police) is an activist group that specializes in holding police accountable through filming all police encounters they come across while on their nightly patrols.

FTP was out on patrol one night in Austin, TX when they came across a police officer who had pulled over a couple of guys in a truck.

They had no idea that what was in store for them during this routine filming incident.

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From FTP Portland,

So, on my visit to Austin TX, first thing when I get off the plane I meet up with peaceful streets project and go out on one of their patrols. This is pure activist gold!

We film a traffic stop. No big deal right?

Here's the twist of awesomeness obviously the stop was total bullshit. Here's why, as we arrive the cop is writing the ticket.

After thinking about the presence of 3 cameras the costumed road pirate decides to ask for the ticket and proceeds to tear it up and send their potential victim home!

I had not yet been in Austin for 1 hour and already my camera is helping to un-write a traffic ticket.