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Dayton, OH -- In 2016, Deputy Rod Brown was given the award of Deputy of the Month from the Montgomery County sheriff's department for his response to a fatal crash related to a police pursuit, where he extinguished a car fire and pulled a victim from the burning vehicle. Fast forward to this week and he was fired for pulling another person from a vehicle, but instead of saving him, he beat the hell out of him.

Brown was seen on disturbing video footage pulling a man through the passenger side of a vehicle, delivering repeated punches and a kicks that were entirely unnecessary.

The incident unfolded in July after Rondale Hampton led Brown on a pursuit. According to WHIO, Hampton was indicted on failure to comply charges connected to the chase last month and is now out of jail on bond. He’s pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Sheriff Rob Streck fired Brown for his actions that night -- both for the excessive violence used by the deputy as well as his name calling and language.

“The ISU investigation found that deputies are not trained to strike subjects in the face to gain compliance. Likewise, the soccer style kick to the stomach is also not a method in which deputies trained,” the report read. “Deputy Brown’s language was not only unnecessary, it was discourteous, disrespectful and unprofessional.”

Naturally, the police union disagrees and claims that when Brown pulled Hampton from the car by his arm, repeatedly punching him, calling him a f*****, and kicking him like a soccer ball, the deputy “used appropriate force to effectuate an arrest” and that it was “necessary.” The union excused Brown's behavior, noting that his violence was excusable because he had "tunnel vision" after Hampton allegedly wrecked into another officer's cruiser.

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“Deputy Brown described this event as one of the most violent things he has seen in all his years as a law enforcement officer,” the summary read. “When he went to the suspect vehicle to effectuate the arrest, he said he had tunnel vision.”

The video tells a different story, however. It shows Brown drag him from the passenger's side of the vehicle while delivering repeated closed-fist punches to his head before delivering the soccer-style kick to Hampton's stomach. The entire time, Hampton is apologizing.

As Hampton was on the ground apologizing to officers, Brown told him “You ain’t going home, you’re going to prison f*****!"

Although he was given the award in 2016, WHIO discovered that Brown has a less than stellar record over the years. According to their report:

Brown was hired by the sheriff’s office as a corrections officer in August 1999 and was promoted to deputy in 2006.

A review of Brown’s personnel records show multiple performance reviews, where his supervisor noted he needed improvement on compliance with rules and regulations.

In February 2015, Brown was issued an employee performance plan after receiving a written reprimand for hitting a person in the face during an arrest. He was warned of the potential of more severe punishment if it happened again.

“Once handcuffed, the suspect spit in your face and you instinctively delivered a final strike to the subjects face...the final instinctive strike was deemed inconsistent with Sheriff’s Office policies and procedures,” the reprimand read.

His past has no finally come back to haunt him, and for now, the abusive officer is off the street. Below is that disturbing video.