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New York, NY - NYPD police officer Wayne Roach, 35, was recently arrested for getting drunk and exposing himself in front of an elementary school. Roach was out partying one night and decided to park his car in front of an elementary school for some reason. Roach ended up passing out drunk, but left the car running, and his pants down, leaving himself fully exposed to anyone who walked by his vehicle.

In the morning, children and parents began to walk by the car on their way into the school and noticed the man inside with his pants around his ankles.

According to court documents, Roach had his "pants, jacket over his face public view."

He was caught just after noon, and it is assumed that he slept through the entire morning in that condition. Witnesses ended up calling the police, who arrested Roach and charged him with lewdness and DWI.

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When police arrived on the scene Roach was obviously drunk and had admitted to the officers that he had been drinking a few hours before. However, Roach refused to take a breathalyzer.

Roach was suspended without pay from the police department and is waiting to appear in court to face his charges.

Roach is a 10 year veteran of the police force.