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Horry County, SC — Those who frequent the Free Thought Project know that cops are charged on a regular basis with sexual misconduct. Many of these cases involve the exploitation of children and most of those cases resolve with the officers doing little to no time in jail. In short, the system appears to protect child rapists or give them special privilege if they are cops.

One of these cops who is part of the system that facilitates the exploitation of children is retired Horry County police officer Todd Cox. Cox was staring down potential decades behind bars for refusing to investigate dozens of sex crimes against children as well as other crimes. However, likely due to his connected status, on Monday, this facilitator of child rape was sentenced to a year in jail and a $300 fine — with the year in jail suspended.

Showing that this special privilege is not some isolated incident is the fact that three other Horry County police officers - Luke Green, Allen Large and Darryl Williams - were indicted in September 2016 along with Cox on dozens of charges of misconduct in office. However, Green’s record was expunged after he entered a pre-trial diversion program, Large died before facing any consequences, and Williams is still fighting for a sweetheart deal.

Cox's sentence is incredibly insulting given the sheer amount of criminal acts against children he was charged with ignoring.

According to Myrtle Beach Online, investigators say that Cox failed to investigate dozens of cases while serving as a detective with Horry County police. The indictments detail a lengthy list of misconduct. They allege that Cox did the following:

  • Indictment 1: Failed to investigate 18 cases.
  • Indictment 2: Unassigned himself from a criminal sexual conduct case.
  • Indictment 3: Unassigned himself from a criminal sexual conduct case.
  • Indictment 4: Unassigned himself from a criminal sexual conduct case.
  • Indictment 5: Unassigned himself from a criminal sexual conduct case.
  • Indictment 6: He closed an attempted murder case without investigating.
  • Indictment 7: Unassigned himself from a child abuse case.
  • Indictment 8: Unassigned himself from a shooting into a home case.
  • Indictment 9: Unassigned himself from an overdose case.
  • Indictment 10: He closed a cruelty to children case without investigating.
  • Indictment 11: He closed a kidnapping case without investigating.
  • Indictment 12: He closed a criminal sexual conduct case without investigating.
  • Indictment 13: He closed a sexual exploitation of a minor without investigating.
  • Indictment 14: He closed an armed robbery case without investigating.
  • Indictment 15: He closed a lynching case without investigating.
  • Indictment 16: He closed a criminal sexual conduct case without investigating.

According to the report, the three other officers who were charged with Cox were also involved in this scandal. Instead of taking responsibility for her officers' actions when they were charged, then-Horry police chief Saundra Rhodes abruptly retired.

As MBO reports, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division investigated the cases against the four officers. The unit uncovered allegations of Large coercing women for sex and inappropriate relationships with victims. Large also discussed participating in nude catfighting videos with some of the victims he was supposed to be helping.

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Naturally, Cox's police union-appointed attorney was ecstatic that his client — who ignored serious crimes against children — got off with less than a slap on the wrist.

“Todd is glad to have this behind him,” his attorney Morgan Martin said. “He dedicated 22 years of tireless service to the community and we feel that a small fine as assessed by the court is a proper resolution.”

Cox is a perfect example of the blue privilege doled out to sinister cops who should suffer harsher consequences for betraying the trust society hold in them but end up with far lesser sentences than the peasant class. Tragically, this is the rule, not the exception.

Cox now goes on a long list of other government officials who have been caught allegedly exploiting or facilitating the exploitation of children. As TFTP previously reported, multiple victims came forward and accused Seattle Mayor Ed Murray of sexually abusing them when they were children in Washington's foster care system.

Former Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert was also arrested and served jail time for raping children.

In September, Pennsylvania Senator Mike Folmer was arrested after images of child pornography were found on his phone when police searched his home after obtaining a warrant. He was an outspoken advocate of child abuse reform.

Last year, U.S. District Judge Timothy DeGiusti handed down a 15 year sentence to Ralph Shortey, a former senator from Oklahoma who was caught on camera with a child in a hotel room who he had sex with. He was also in possession of child porn

Earlier this year, Arizona representative, David Stringer unexpectedly resigned from his elected position as a representative. After he resigned, records were released showing that he was arrested in the 80s for raping two children—one of whom had a developmental disability. After a subsequent investigation was launched, we learned about the former representative's sick history including a recording in which he condones child sex trafficking.

The fact of the matter is that child sex abuse in this country takes place on a massive scale and many within the system are some of the worst abusers. Those who speak out against it and attempt to expose the system, are often times killed or silenced.