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Vermilion, OH -- Every single day police officers violate the rights of citizens and go unpunished. In New York City alone, a lawsuit is filed every 2.5 hours because of the aggressive actions of police officers; most of whom will never face the consequences of those actions.

Cops can beat you, illegally detain you, kidnap you, and kill you, and most of them will never see so much as a slap on the wrist for it.

However, if a cop puts one hair over that thin blue line and challenges the status quo, they will be cast out by their brothers in blue and thrown to the wolves.

The Free Thought Project has covered case after case of good cops who've refused to enforce immoral laws, or simply stopped a fellow cop from beating innocent or handcuffed individuals. Every single time it happens, that cop is punished; sometimes receiving death threats, or worse.

Perhaps one of the most egregious cases to come across our radar of a cop being punished for questioning the blue line comes from the Vermilion police department in Ohio.

While cops, on a daily basis, bash in heads with impunity, a police captain on the Vermilion police department has been punished for wearing a button.

This button didn't say "KKK" or "Join the 4th Reich" or "Enjoy your ride, cuz we sure will (see Baltimore PD)." Instead, it had a logical and peaceful message expressing a desire to stop kidnapping, caging, and killing people for possessing a plant.

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The message read simply, "I support LEGALIZE 2016," on a button worn on the officer's jacket. For displaying a message of peace and reason, the officer was placed on administrative leave.


In a Facebook post on Monday, Captain Michel Reinheimer made the following statement explaining the situation:

I am Captain Michael Reinheimer of the Vermilion Police Department. On Sat. Nov. 7 2015, I was given and wore a button on my uniform jacket to show my support for Legalization in 2016 while I conducted our annual police auction.

Today I was placed on administrative leave by the Mayor of the City of Vermilion Eileen Bulan (440) 204-2402 specifically for showing my support for legalization by wearing this pin.

I will find out more later today. Right now your support would be appreciated. I stand tall behind my beliefs and my support is unconditional. Please share with anyone who supports legalization.

In Police State USA, you can be extorted, kidnapped, caged, and killed over a plant and this is considered acceptable. However, when you actually point out the utterly evil nature of prohibition, the boot of tyranny will come down upon you.

Let's help Captain Reinheimer fend off that boot. Let's show the world that the good cops are the ones who refuse to enforce immoral laws and don't deprive good people of their freedom for their personal choices.

Share this article with your friends and family to show them what real bravery in the line of duty looks like. Then call the office of the Mayor of Vermilion and peacefully explain to them how Reinheimer deserves commendation for his choice to wear that button and not punishment.