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Seattle, WA — Over the years, TFTP has reported on many arbitrary and cruel acts of police brutality. We've seen police deploy tasers to the genitals of their victims and even run down unarmed suspects with their vehicles. A video out of Seattle this week adds a new level of cruelty to the archives, however, as a cop was recorded riding his bicycle over the head of a prone man, lying face-first on the ground.

“He just ran over his head,” the man who recorded the incident, Joey Wieser can be heard shouting in the video. “Oh my God. Oh my God.”

The incident unfolded early Thursday morning after police ordered protesters to disperse and then declared the gathering illegal. The protesters did not disperse and instead gathered in the area previously known as the Capital Hill Organized Protest zone, or CHOP. 

As the video shows, there are dozens of heavily armed riot police officers closing in on protesters, along with more officers on their bikes. Out of nowhere, a cop comes riding down the street and rolls over the head of a person lying on the ground.

The person's condition after the officer rode his bicycle over his head was not immediately clear. When the officer's back tire rolls over the man's head, the officer nearly falls off the bicycle and the other officers quickly come to his defense, locking arms. The video then ends.

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After the incident, the Office of Police Accountability, a civilian-led watchdog group, opened an investigation into the officer's actions. According to a statement, the investigation is now a criminal matter as riding your bicycle over a man — who may have needed medical attention before being run over — is not only against department policy but also an act of assault.

Police claim they received dozens of complaints over the incident, as they should have.

The statement reads as follows:

OPA is investigating the SPD officer who rolled a bicycle over an individual lying on the ground. The Seattle Police Department’s Force Investigation Team (FIT) responded to the incident at 2:40 a.m. and notified OPA. OPA staff responded to monitor the investigation. From a review of the video posted on Twitter, FIT identified potential violations of SPD policy, as well as potential criminal conduct. FIT accordingly referred the matter to OPA.

At 5:00 a.m., after further analyzing the video and observing the interviews conducted by FIT, OPA requested that a criminal investigation be conducted. OPA asked that the investigation to be done by an outside law enforcement agency, and SPD agreed. We are awaiting confirmation on the identity of that agency.

We will provide additional information as it becomes available, including the case number. So far, OPA has received over 30 complaints concerning this incident.

The protests that unfolded in Seattle were part of dozens of other protests across the country, which remained mostly peaceful. The protests were in reaction to the lack of accountability shown to the officers involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor.

Only a single cop was indicted in the raid which left the innocent EMT dead in her own home, having committed no crime. The indictment was an insult to all those who have been following the case as the crimes mentioned in the indictment had nothing to do with the death of Taylor, nor the cop who killed her, only that an officer endangered other people by shooting blindly into the apartments of several of Taylor's neighbors.