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Alvin J. Brook, a 44-year-old police officer in Wisconsin was sentenced to nine years in federal prison last week, after he pleaded guilty to bank robbery.


Brook carried out the bank robbery while on the job in 2010, but it had taken so long for the crime to catch up with him because the fingerprints of law enforcement officers are not typically reviewed when searching for suspects of robberies.

However, investigators would have been wise to cross reference fingerprints found at the scene with police and military records, because witnesses at the bank testified that the suspect appeared to have training and equipment similar to that of law enforcement.

Witnesses also reported that they heard "police chatter" coming from the suspects hand-held radio. The radio could be seen on surveillance footage sticking out of the suspect's pocket and it did appear to be a government issued device.

Years later in 2013, authorities were tipped off that Brook may have been the one responsible for the robbery. After finally cross-referencing his records, investigators discovered that Brook's fingerprints did match those of the robbery suspect. Brook later plead guilty to the robbery, admitting that he planned the heist to feed his addiction to prescription pain pills.

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At the time of his arrest, Brook had already been fired from the Mukwonago police department because he tampered with breath test results to help his alcoholic girlfriend fake sobriety during her 3rd DUI charge.

The bank robbery occurred while Brook was still a police officer, just months before he was fired for falsifying his girlfriend's test results.

According to Assistant U.S. Attorney Margaret Honrath, Brook entered a local M&I Bank on June 15, 2010, with a hat on and a bandanna wrapped around his face. Witnesses reported that Brook forced three employees into the vault area of the bank and pointed his gun at their heads, demanding access to the vault. Brook made off with $54,000 and threatened to kill the workers if they pushed any buttons or attempted to follow him.

In addition to 9 years in prison, Brook has also been ordered to return the $54,000 that was taken in the robbery.

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