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Soap Lake, WA -- Gavin Seim is no stranger to calling out government for violating the law. Seim is a liberty activist, speaker and former US Congressional challenger from Washington state. He is a devoted activist who is not afraid to go toe to toe with would-be tyrants.

Seim has made it his mission to expose police in Washington who are violating the law by impersonating citizens. The Washington State Law, states that it is unlawful for police officers to drive unmarked vehicles.

There are a few exemptions but they are for State police only and they do not apply to patrol vehicles. There is also a WA State court precedent where a man fled police and his felony charge was thrown out because the pursuing vehicle was not properly marked.

Seim, like many people, sees the issue of unmarked cars as a potential hazard. The main reason being that people pulling over for unmarked cars is dangerous. Anyone can buy flashing blue and red lights and throw them up on the dashboard. People have been raped and even murdered because of this, so the law is good sense.

In his most recent video, Seim approaches an officer to ask him why they are in violation of the law when the officer flees. Seim then gives chase to the officer.

After going back and forth with the officer at the station, police seem to have called over their goons in civilian attire to harass and threaten Seim.

Two men, who claim to be police informants walk up to Seim and begin trying to intimidate him.

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Whether or not these two thugs who approached Seim were real cops, or informants, or simply apologists, their rhetoric and sheer blind and hate-filled support of the police was disturbing.

Their ignorance is as astonishing as it is dangerous.

When Seim mentions that he is only trying to uphold the constitution, these two thugs say, "F*ck the constitution!" and "I'll wipe my ass with the Constitution!"

As the intimidation and threats increase, the officer, who is witnessing the entire ordeal, drives off. Luckily Seim stood his ground against these two thugs and was unscathed.

"I had more than just a camera to protect myself with. But this is another reminder that you should ALWAYS film. The goons showed up, the officer left. I don’t know what they intended, but having the camera rolling putting everyone on record. Never turn off your camera," said Seim. 

Seim's actions in this video may seem futile to some, however, he was successful. Since he confronted these officers, they have labelled their vehicles.

Watch the intense video below. (Warning Strong Language)